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#541 – September 25, 2023

Application Caching Strategies

In this post, we will discuss what a cache is, and the benefits of caching. Next, we will discuss different caching strategies, and cache eviction policies. Finally, we are going to review some existing caching solutions available.

Product for Engineers: Helping engineers flex their product muscles (sponsor)

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In a git repository, where do your files live?

In a git repository, where do your files live?

Solving LinkedIn’s scalability and performance challenges to support our member base

Espresso is the database that we designed to power our member profiles, feed, recommendations, and hundreds of other Linkedin applications that handle large amounts of data and need both high performance and reliability. As Espresso continued to expand in support of our 950M+ member base, the number of network connections that it needed began to drive scalability and resiliency challenges. To address these challenges, we migrated to HTTP/2. With the initial Netty based implementation, we observed a 45% degradation in throughput which we needed to analyze then correct.

7 simple habits of the top 1% of engineers

How elite software engineers outperform the rest. Some of these engineers have went on to start their own companies, lead developments that change the web as we know it, or have grown to lead billion-dollar initiatives at big tech companies today.

UK air traffic control meltdown

On 28 August 2023 NATS, the UK's air traffic control operator, suffered a major technical incident. The BBC reports that more than 2000 flights were cancelled and the cost has been estimated at over £100 million GBP. The incident probably affected hundreds of thousands of people.