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#501 – November 28, 2022

The Distributed Computing Manifesto

Today, I am publishing the Distributed Computing Manifesto, a canonical document from the early days of Amazon that transformed the architecture of Amazon's ecommerce platform. It highlights the challenges we were facing at the end of the 20th century, and hints at where we were headed.

The Complete List of OAuth 2.0 Grants, Explained (sponsor)

Grants are authentication flows for obtaining access tokens from the Authorization Server. This tech paper breaks down 4 grants that developers can use - and which one they should absolutely never use! If you’re struggling with OAuth 2 login processes, get the free guide to figure grants out.

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox

When we truly learn the secrets of the Flexbox layout mode, we can build absolutely incredible things. Fluid layouts that stretch and shrink without arbitrary breakpoints. In this action-packed interactive tutorial, we'll pop the hood on the Flexbox algorithm and learn how to do remarkable things with it. ✨

Why Estimated Review Time Improves Pull Requests And Reduces Cycle Time

The smallest thing you can do to make the biggest impact on cycle time? Add estimated time to review to pull requests.

How Precision Time Protocol is being deployed at Meta

The journey to Precision Time Protocol (PTP) has been a long one. We're sharing a deep technical dive into our PTP migration.

I've shared these two article before but they popped up in my feeds again and are worth sharing again.

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