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#490 – September 19, 2022


The open source Product OS. Built on the modern data stack.

PostHog's open source platform has everything engineering teams need in one place. Product Analytics, Session Recording, Funnels, Feature Flags, Experimentation and more — all seamlessly integrated. And you can self-host, so user data never leaves your infrastructure.

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Senior Engineers are Living in the Future

Imagine for a moment that, by some quirk of the universe, you are sharing your workspace with a time traveller. Specifically, yourself from 1 year in the future.

Quality is systemic

Software quality is more the result of a system designed to produce quality, and not so much the result of individual performance. That is: a group of mediocre programmers working with a structure designed to produce quality will produce better software than a group of fantastic programmers working in a system designed with other goals.

The Twisted Life of Clippy

In the ’90s, Microsoft created an annoying paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.

The End of Localhost: All the Cloud's A Staging Env, and All the Laptops Merely Clients

Dev environments should be cattle, not pets. It looks likely that most development will not be done on localhost in future.

Software Visualization — Challenge, Accepted

Architectural diagrams are the bread and butter of software design and a foundational tool for communication and collaboration on software development. At Spotify, we have an incredibly complex network of thousands of interlinked software systems owned by hundreds of teams, so having a simple way to visualize these connections is essential.


Free Learnk8s Training Series: Scaling Apps, Nodes, and Clusters

Learnk8s is back with a new virtual lab series. Supported by documentation, scripts, code examples, and a hands-on demo, you’ll deploy and scale an application using the Linode Kubenetes Engine to create clusters. Registration is free and all 3 sessions are open now. Reserve your seat today!


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