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Directus layers on top of any SQL database, automatically creating a REST+GraphQL API and no-code app

From SQL database to data platform in 90 seconds with no migration required, Directus eliminates months of boilerplate work with built-in auth options, granular access control, and asset management, providing a toolkit for developers with all the automation, connectivity and APIs they need. Download the source code on GitHub or check out our free Community Cloud to spin up your first project!

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Aging programmer

Back in college, they told me that I would start my career writing code, but eventually, I would move to a position where I would ask others to code my designs. To celebrate that this turned out to be completely false, here are some assorted reflections as a 40-year-old programmer that looks back.

A history of ARM: Building the first chip

It was 1983, and Acorn Computers was on top of the world. Unfortunately, trouble was just around the corner.

How we reduced our annual server costs by 80%

Zsot Varga shares how Prerender saved $800k by removing their reliance on AWS and building in-house infrastructure to handle traffic and cached data.

6 Best Practices to Manage Pull Request Creation and Feedback

In this article we’ll provide some best practices on how. We’ll first go into detail about how improving PRs can improve a team’s efficiency and outputs and then we’ll take a look at the best practices that have helped DoorDash improve our software development life cycle.

Mitigating the Noisy Neighbour Multitenancy Problem

In a multi-tenant system, you have multiple different "tenants" (often "customers") who share the same compute resources. This can result in significant cost savings compared with deploying a completely separate instance of your application for every single customer (as well as reducing the operational overhead of managing lots of infrastructure).


Fetch the Flag CTF hosted by Snyk | Register for free | November 9

Ready to put your security skills to the test? Compete in Fetch the Flag CTF and solve 16 challenges, including pwn and web. Play individually or bring your team to come out on top and win prizes. Plus, if you’re new to CTF, join the CTF 101 Workshop to learn best practices to prepare for game day. Register to join on Nov. 9 from 9am-3pm ET!


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