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#493 – October 10, 2022


The open source Product OS. Built on the modern data stack.

PostHog's open source platform has everything engineering teams need in one place. Product Analytics, Session Recording, Funnels, Feature Flags, Experimentation and more — all seamlessly integrated. And you can self-host, so user data never leaves your infrastructure.

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Facts about State Machines

They're all over the place. Think of all the web apps, all the electronic devices, all the household appliances, all the industrial machines that people interact with every day. For each one of them, we can formulate a state machine that describes its reactive behaviour with a great degree of precision.

Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six

Everyone wants to write clean code. There are whole books about it! But you don't need to read a book to write cleaner code right now. There's one "trick" that every coder can learn to make their code less confusing.

Software engineering practices

Gergely Orosz started a Twitter conversation asking about recommended “software engineering practices” for development teams. I decided to flesh some of my replies out into a longer post.

Storing UTC is not a silver bullet

This blog post is intended to provide a counterpoint to that advice. I’m certainly not saying storing UTC is always the wrong thing to do, but it’s not always the right thing to do either.

Performance Benefits of Using Huge Pages for Code.

Many people know about performance benefits of using Huge Pages for data, but not many of them know that Huge Pages can be used for code as well. In this article, I show how to speed up source code compilation for the clang compiler by 5% if you allocate its code section on Huge Pages. If it seems small to you to justify the effort, I can say that all major cloud service providers care about every 1% they could optimize since it translates into immense cost savings. And hey, why leave performance on the table?


Time series data: Do you need a purpose-built database?

Is time series data just any dataset with a timestamp field? How do time series workloads differ from OLTP or full text search? And what does it mean for your choice of database? Get all the answers in this technical e-book from the creators of InfluxDB. Download PDF.


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