#494 Mike Acton’s Expectations of Professional Software Engineers


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Mike Acton’s Expectations of Professional Software Engineers

Although his sense of humour isn’t for everyone, the suggestions are valuable. The list forms a baseline for software engineers to compare themselves against, and it’s not very specific to the games industry.

The right dose of resilience

We have discussed the business case for resilient software design in my previous post. Let us assume, you have a budget and you know which are the most critical business processes/capabilities/interactions (whatever term suits your needs best) you need to secure, i.e., make more resilient.

How to Create a Web Performance Story

Some of the most common questions asked when it comes to work with performance are, How do you convince stakeholders that improving the performance of your project is actually worth the investment?

Designing a secure API

Application programming interface or API in general is a bridge that connects two or more programs and it is through this bridge that it is possible to make companies interact, for example, through payment.

Atomic Commitment: The Unscalability Protocol

Let's consider a single database system, running on one box, good for 500 requests per second.


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