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#495 – October 24, 2022


The open source Product OS. Built on the modern data stack.

PostHog's open source platform has everything engineering teams need in one place. Product Analytics, Session Recording, Funnels, Feature Flags, Experimentation and more — all seamlessly integrated. And you can self-host, so user data never leaves your infrastructure.

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When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

Error messages are part of our daily lives online. Every time a server is down or we don’t have internet, or we forget to add some info in a form, we get an error message. “Something went wrong” is the classic. But what went wrong? What happened? And, most importantly, how can I fix it?

How to Outperform a 10x Developer

From a DevOps perspective, its all-inclusive reach from development to operations demands collaboration. Focusing on the product trumps coding skills every time, not the least because sometimes not writing new code is the best decision for the product.

YAGNI exceptions

I'm essentially a believer in You Aren't Gonna Need It — the principle that you should add features to your software — including generality and abstraction — when it becomes clear that you need them, and not before.

Building a resilient system: Our journey to observability at Intercom

We operate a socio-technical system, and its ability to recover when faced with adversity is called resilience. One of the crucial components of resilience is observability, the steps we take to enable humans to “look” inside the systems they run.

On the critical importance of accepting and working with invalid data

A long while ago, I was involved in a project that dealt with elder home care. The company I was working for was contracted by the government to send care workers to the homes of elderly people to assist in routine tasks. Depending on the condition of the patient in question, they would spend anything from 2 – 8 hours a day a few days a week with the patient. Some caretakers would have multiple patients that they would be in charge of.


Time series forecasting methods

Read an overview of time series forecasting methods, types of time series used for forecasting, and how to validate models.


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