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#496 – October 31, 2022


The Complete List of OAuth 2.0 Grants, Explained

Grants are authentication flows for obtaining access tokens from the Authorization Server. This tech paper breaks down 4 grants that developers can use - and which one they should absolutely never use! If you’re struggling with OAuth 2 login processes, get the free guide to figure grants out.

this week's favorite

Faster hardware is a bad first solution to slow software

There are longer-term costs involved that aren’t immediately visible. If your first solution to any performance problem is spending more money on hardware, you may eventually end up with software that is unnecessarily slow, hard to speed up, and extremely expensive.

How to Build Software like an SRE

I’ve been doing this “reliability” stuff for a little while now (~5 years), at companies ranging from about 20 developers to over 2,000. I’ve always cared primarily about the software elements I describe as living “outside” the application – like, how does it get its configuration? What kinds of instances does it run on, and are those the best kinds to use?

CORS: An Introduction

Article explains what is CORS, popular among web developers CORS, what are the common problems and how to fix them.

7 Estimation Anti-Patterns

Estimation is a loaded topic in software development. It is where many anti-patterns in a company come together. Developers often suffer from the mechanics that come to play with estimation.

Message delivery and deduplication strategies

Did you know that you can manage atleast-once delivery not only on the producer but also on the consumer side?


[Live Webinar] Scaling Clean Code Across Your Enterprise

Is your organization currently adopting clean code practices? This free webinar with Sonar on November 15th will cover best practices for scaling quality and security governance across your organization. You will also learn how to incorporate developer feedback into your software standards. Register now!


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