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Hubert - The best way to improve cross team communication in your company

Hubert helps you organize random lunches in your company by mixing colleagues from different teams so they get to know each other better.

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Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

CQRS example in the Rails app

Sanitizing html input: youtube iframes, css inline styles and customization

Size of Postgresql database on Ubuntu

Default Scopes are an Anti-Pattern

How to get from they’re to they’re - Weissblog

Best Practices for Application Development with Bootstrap

My favorite interview question

Swiss Cheese and Pair Programming

Storing Data with Redis

Building a JSON API with Rails 5

Full Stack Fest 2015: Ruby 3.0, by Yukihiro Matsumoto

Why I wouldn’t use rails for a new company

How to Build a CMS in Ruby on Rails

Image Processing in Rails using AWS Lambda

How I spent two weeks hunting a memory leak in Ruby

ES6 Strings (and Unicode, ❤) in Depth

ECMAScript moves to Github

Useful tip with console.table in devtools

What's new in Rails 5?

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