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Span sanity—ideal feature teams

Thoughts on how the feature team should look like and work.

One Weird Trick to Write Better Code

Evan Todd suggests to firstly thinks about your data design and representation first before anything else in your program.

Tweeting retrospective

Different way of running a classic retrospective to improve the communication and get the information out of the team.

Chasing the shiny and new

A critical essay on the fallacy of the need of chasing the shiny new things, frameworks and languages. Learn your core skills and be productive as that is the key.


Using Rust with Ruby, a deep dive with Yehuda Katz - YouTube

Yehuda Katz talks about how the future for a ruby dev might look like and how rust fits into that picture. Also, he shows some reimplementation of ruby in rust and explains benefits of it.

Let's build a chat with ActionCable

Using ActionCable a new feature in Rails 5 to build a chat application.

Improve the performance of `save` and friends

The performance of rails #save and friends improved with this fix in ActiveRecord.

Folding Postgres Window Functions into Rails | via @codeship

Parker Selbert teaches us how to use window function in PostgreSQL and integrate them into Rails.

An approach to handle translations in Ruby on Rails + React.js applications

Nicolas Garnil describes how to internationalise your app with React and Rails.

Action Cable - Friend or Foe?

Nate Berkopec discusses ActionCable, where it fits and the history how did we get to websockets through polling, long polling and other techniques.

Using ES6 with Asset Pipeline on Ruby on Rails

A guide that shows that it's possible to use ES6 features with Rails projects now.

Upgrade to El Capitan, with Homebrew & Ruby

A guide that explains how to transition to the latest OS X El Capitan with Ruby and homebrew.

Building a JSON API with Rails 5

A great resource by Leigh Halliday about building APIs with new Rails 5.


ES6: methods versus callbacks

Axel Rauschmayer explains the difference between an object with methods and callbacks.

JavaScript Promise API

A short introduction into promises API by K. Scott Allen.


A library that provides you a way to copy & cut to the system clipboard on the web with just javascript and no flash dependencies.