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Git Large File Storage v1.0

Github introduces large file storage that adds a support for (surprisingly) storing and versioning large files within git.

Let's Build a Sinatra

Gabe Berke-Williams shows how to build a simple version of a web framework similar to Sinatra from scratch.

Git to the source

Ian C. Anderson shows how to trace the origins of current code with git blame -c even if the code was moved in a refactor.

Intercepting method calls via ES6 Proxies

Axel Rauschmayer shows how ES6 proxies works and how can you use them to intercept method calls and put custom logic there.

UI Testing with RSpec and Capybara [cheat sheet]

A pretty good cheat sheet on capybara with rspec for UI testing in rails.

Bottomless Ruby Hash

Nick Ostrovsky shows the differences and variety of Hash initializers.

Cross-Site Request Forgery and Rails

CSRF explanation and how rails helps you to solve this issue.

Ludicrously Fast Page Loads

Great guide from Nate Berkopec about the front end performance tuning.

OSS University

The list of online courses to "complete" your computer science degree just by yourself.

File Finder · GitHub

Pressing t on github will allow you to search through files.

Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?

Programming Sucks

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