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Programming in a Mad Max Wasteland

Avdi Grim short essay about the state of current programming languages and the new hotnesses.

Ruby's ARGF

Calle Erlandsson reimplements Unix cat command with ruby and uses ARGF for getting the input parameters for proper piping support.

Debugging a Memory Leak on Heroku

Richard Schneeman shares his experience with hunting a memory leak on Heroku.

Your Preproduction Checklist for Your Rails App

Great checklist for your rails app before releasing to make sure that it's secure and you are not introducing any vulnerabilities.

How to Install Bootstrap 4 in Rails

Cezar Halmagean show that you don't have to wait for the new version of bootstrap gem to run 4.0. as you can install it manually.

Building Cross-platform Desktop Apps with Electron

Create a cross platform GUI clients on top of Chromium engine with Github's Electron framework.

Marginalia gem

Add commects to your ActiveRecord queries that helps debugging the application in various situations, like deadlocks or auditin.

Controlling your Mac with a Flic

Henrik Nyh shows how to use Flic to make your computer do things.

Maily Herald - Ruby on Rails email processing solution

Self-hosted "mandrill" for managing and sending your emails in Rails.

How to Measure Ruby App Performance with New Relic

Nate Berkopec continues in his awesome articles about Ruby's performance and this time he shows how to use New Relic to find hidden performance bottlenecks in you app.

Accelerated Rails Downloads with NGINX

Matt Brictson explains how to get Nginx and Rails to send large files in a really fast way with proper Nginx configuration.

The Basics of Creating Rails Plugins

A great guide how to create a rails plugin for the functionality you might want to reuse in multiple projects.

Riley Brandt Photography » My Open Source Photography Workflow

Riley Brandt shows how to use free tools on Linux for the entire post processing and cataloguing process for your photos with Darktable, GIMP and other free tools.

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