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Is Web Crypto Really Doomed? I bet $100!

Egor Homakov shows how to exploit an in-browser cryptography in all current browsers.

Advantages of working on a legacy application

Robert Pankowecki talks about the benefits of working with legacy application and that you should not always chase the new greenfield projects.


The WYSIWYG editor from basecamp is open source and free to use.

Hacking Your Webpage's Head Tags for Speed and Profit

Nate Berkopec dives into another performance optimization article focused on web performance by hacking your head section.

Chrome Devtools Tips & Tricks

Excellent tips and tricks on how to be more efficient in website debugging with Google Chrome dev tools.

httpie: A CLI http client that will make you smile

Awesome CLI client for http communication that is much nicer to use than curl by Radek Pazdera.

Galactic Side Project Month

The month of the side projects starts on the 1st of November and it's a brilliant way how to connect with people and keep youraelf motivated to finish it.

Ruby Pub - Part 2: Franklin

Nice tool for creting epub ebooks from markdown

Introduce "Safe navigation operator"

Ruby will get a C# like operator for work with nullable types.

The not so low cost of calling dynamically defined methods

Tobias measures the performance effect of using dynamic programming in the real world ruby project.

Understanding Ruby Refinements and Lexical Scope

Starr Horne shows how to use ruby refinements and lexical scoping.

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