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this week's favorite

Making lemonade

Eric Brechner talks about converting bad events into a good outcomes while managing your teams.

Ruby Tricks

A list with a lot of useful (and not so useful) ruby tricks that might improve your code.

Announcing Administrate

Interesting administration dashboard for your rails projects by thoughtbot.

Growing Your Tech Stack: When to Say No

Great article about introducing tools and different technologies into a company with a consideration of various risks and benefits from each stack.

Synchronous and asynchronous sequential execution of functions

Three ways of executing sequential functions in javascript by Axel Rauschmayer.

How to check single reponsibility principle

A simple rule of thumb on how to check whether you are violating a single responsibility principle with your object.

New to Dev Management? Five Powerful Tips to Becoming a Great Leader

A few useful tips for team leaders and dev managers to make their teams more happy and productive.

Page Weight Doesn't Matter

Another great article about web performance by Nate Berkopec.

In Pursuit of a Scalable Ruby Offline Sort: Adventures in Ruby Memory Management

A sample implementation of sorting algorithm with the focus on good performance and memory management in Ruby.

How Ruby Interprets and Runs Your Programs

Starr Horne dives into internal details of ruby interpreter and explains how it runs your program.

Garage made, self hosted NewRelic alternative with Ruby, Sinatra, Grafana and InfluxDB

A self-hosted New Relic like software seems pretty interesting.

Getting CSLA to .NET Core

Rocky Lhotka talks about CSLA and .net core.

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