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Why it is important for computer programmers to stay focused during the day and what are the most common distractions that harm your concentration and how to prevent them.

Critical Mass of Tests for Continuous Deployment

Parker Selbert talks about what it takes to reach the ability for continuous deployments.

Which language has the brightest future in replacement of C between D, Go and Rust? And Why?

D has no vision. Go is out of depth. Rust skipped a leg day.


Using splats to build up and tear apart arrays in Ruby

Star Hornne shows different examples of the splat operator usage in ruby.

Hash Comparison in Ruby 2.3

Oliver Lacan shows a new implementation of Hash#include? in the ruby 2.3.0 preview.

How To Optimize Nginx Configuration for HTTP/2 TLS (SSL)

Nice guide about optimizing nginx with HTTP/2 for performance.

New features in ruby 2.3

John Backus gives an overview of new features in Ruby 2.3.0.

Unforgettable attributes

Henrik Nyh on a simple pattern that guarantees two objects to share their attributes when cloning one into the other.

Design Patterns: Law of Demeter with Rails

George Chkhvirkia talks about the law of Demeter and how to use it in your Rails project to make the code better and what are the benefits of such code.

Riding Rails: Snappier Development Mode in Rails 5

An improved file reloading for development in Rails 5. Pretty exciting news.

Rush — A UNIX Shell in Ruby

A replacement for bash with ruby as a main scripting language.

Ruby 2.3.0 Preview Released

A preview of new version of ruby with frozen strings, safe navigation operator and some other cool stuff.

Heroku Style Application Deployments with Docker

A pretty awesome way how to deploy rails apps with kontena like on heroku but with docker.

Rails 4.2.5.rc2 and 4.1.14.rc2 have been released!

A minor rails version was released.


Wordpress runs 25% of websites

I just hope that all of them are up to date and well secured.