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A Ruby generic rating library by Rob Murray

Microsoft CEO: Why Minecraft is key to getting girls involved in computer science

Satya Nadella on how to bring more diversity into programming from the early age.

Architecting Rails Apps as Microservices

Leigh Halliday describes an architecture of a Rails application with the use of microservices.

Sidekiq 4.0!

Mike Perham released a new version of a popular tool for background jobs and processing.

Spying on running Ruby processes

Starr Horne shows how to inject a code into running ruby processes.

Five Active Record Features You Should Be Using

Jake Yesbeck gives an overview about 5 useful ActiveRecord features.

RSpec 3.4 has been released!

To ECC or Not To ECC

Jeff Etwood talks about building servers on Skylake and whether it make sense to use ECC RAM.

Effective TDD With Ruby: Tmux Setup

Luca Guidi shares his tips on how to improve your coding workflow and tools with tmux.

CSRF protection prevents some webkit users from submitting forms

A bug that affects users on Safari on iOS9 or El Capitan with HTTP2.

An Open Letter to Developers Everywhere (About Cryptography)

A list of common cryptography mistakes and how to avoid them.

Role-based authorization in Rails

Piotr Okoński shows how to use Access Granted gem instead of popular CanCan for Rails roles authentication to achieve cleaner code.

Now that's what I call a Hacker

Use shell like a pro.

Closures are not magic

TIFU by using Math.random()

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