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Your New Technical Skills

Brilliant article from J.D.Meier on how to take on your new role of technical leader and what skills you need to master.

A Look at How Postgres Executes a Tiny Join

A pretty detailed journey into JOIN mechanics in PostgreSQL by Pat Shaughnessy.


A Simple feature toggle for a Rails app - Arkency Blog

Szymon Fiedler talks about why and how to use feature toggles in your rails apps.

Rolling back complex apps

Some tips on how to be able to rollback your app from production if something goes wrong by Robert Pankowecki.

Rubyconf 2015

Loads of awesome videos from Ruby Conf 2015

Rails Asset Pipeline Simple Guide

Excellent graphical explanation of the Rails asset pipeline.

Testing Rails Background Workers

Chris Kottom shows how to test background jobs in rails applications.

Our Engineering Team's Best Practices



What are the best JavaScript IDEs?

Nice comparison of Javascript editors and IDEs.

Internet Explorer End of Support

Microsoft ends support for most of its major browser in the beginning of 2016.


A HTML sanitization library from Microsoft is open sourced.