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Managers, Developers, and the In Between

Sarah Mei essay on how to keep programmers doing what they love to do and about the different career paths one can take and how to improve our industry.

Be More Productive and Git Things Done With These Git Aliases

Nice set of git aliases to improve your git workflow and to save you a few keystrokes each day.

Opt-In, Project-Specific Vim Spell-Checking and Word Completion

Dan Croak shows how to use spelling effectively in Vim.

Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds

An introduction to performance debugging on your linux servers.

Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Advices how to be better manager by Kim Scott. The key message is about giving an honest and critical feedback on regular basis.



Simple IOC Container and DI tool for ruby.

The Definitive Guide to Ruby Heap Dumps, Part I

Richard Schneeman dives into heap dump analysis that you can do in Ruby.

Building a Color-based Image Search Engine in Ruby

Nazar Hussain shows how to implement an RGB based search engine in Ruby.

Why Ruby’s Timeout is dangerous (and Thread.raise is terrifying)

Julia Evans discusses Ruby's timeouts API and the implementation of Thread.raise in other languages.

Become a videogame developer master with Gosu and Ruby

Iván González shows how to develop a simple 2D game with Ruby and Gosu framework.


An open-source self-hosted gem server for your company.

Ruby Comparable Basics

An explanation of ruby's spaceship operator and comparable basics.


How Changing WebFonts Made Rubygems.org 10x Faster

Nate Berkopec discusses the impact of webfonts on the website and how to optimize it for the best performance.


A javascript library for adding automatic animations for html additions into DOM.

Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame