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Rails 4.2.5 and 4.1.14 have been released!

New updates for 4.2 and 4.1 released, checkout the changelogs.

The Definitive Guide to Ruby Heap Dumps, Part II

Richard Schneeman continues his series on analysing ruby heap memory.

Tools for debugging, testing and using HTTP/2

List of cool tools for working with HTTP/2 from CloudFlare.

Choosing an HTTP Status Code — Stop Making It Hard

Michael Kropat shares a handy flow charts for HTTP status codes.

Speeding Up Bulk Imports in Rails

Leigh Halliday shows 3 different approaches to bulk imports with performance benchmarks and discusses which one is the best.

Why I'm Excited About Native CSS Variables

Philip Walton discusses native implementation of variable in pure CSS that has been recently shipped with Google Chrome Canary build.

Rails Anti-Pattern: Fat Decorator

Jeroen Weeink shows the smell with fat decorators and the way how to refactor it into cleaner code.

25,000+ Req/s for Rack JSON API with MRuby

Luca Guidi shares an insight on how to achieve amazing performance results with lightweight version of Ruby on H2O web server.

What's new in Ruby 2.3?

Nithin Bekal shares the news from Ruby 2.3.

How to use Rails Strong Parameters

Jake Yesbeck describes how to use strong parameters in Rails.

Upping Your Web Security Game

Guy Podjarny gives a few tips and suggestions how to keep up with the good security of your website.

4 ways to get the most out of your Rails logs

4 great tips how to improve logging in your rails apps.

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