Digests ยป 138

this week's favorite

Refactor Until You Feel Almost Comfortable

Tute Costa writes about refactoring, what are the benefits and when you should stop.

Cooking Up Effective Technical Writing

Sally Jenkinson gives a guide to technical writing and why it should be similar to your favorite cookbook.

GitHub does dotfiles

Everything you need to know about dotfiles.


How to Test Multithreaded Code

Mike Perham explains how to test multithreaded code with Ruby and Sidekiq.

Getting started with Distributed Ruby (DRb)

How to write distributed applications with less known part of standard ruby library.

Ruby Refinements

An introduction into ruby refinements and reasons why they are superior to monkey patching.

Ruby 2.2.4 Released

A new version of ruby is out, go and check it out.

Little Things: Introspecting Block Parameters


Grid, Flexbox, Box Alignment: Our New System for Layout

Rachel Andrew talks about the grid support in CSS and her hopes for 2016 and browser support.

The Accessibility Mindset

Awesome article about accessibility on web byEric Eggert.

Plan to throw one away

An interesting article by Gareth Rees about his early implementation of server side javascript in 14 days.