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this week's favorite

Why 451?

An explanation of the introduction of 451 status code signalling censorship into HTTP protocol. Btw. 451 is a tribute to Ray Bradbury and his novel 451F.

Abstraction, or, The Gift of Our Weak Brains

Refactoring Tips: Trade Conditionals For Type Delegation

An approach to refactoring conditionals into classes by Karol Galanciak.

Neat new features in Git 2.7

What HTTP/2 Means for Ruby Developers

Nate Berkopec talks about HTTP/2 and the current state of affairs in ruby world. Also, he dives deep into advantages that it would bring and how rack architecture is currently not suitable for it.

ActiveRecord stole my data and now I want it back!

An article on why and how to migrate from ActiveRecord and still be able to interact with other libraries tied to AR.

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