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#498 – November 14, 2022

In defense of linked lists

So, on Twitter, I was talking about a very bad implementation of linked lists written in Rust. From the tone of certain replies, I got the feeling that many people think linked lists are like a joke.

Register for Unblock - A CI/CD Conference by Buildkite (sponsor)

Hear from industry experts on how they’re solving some of the most interesting challenges in software with cutting-edge processes and tools at Unblock, a 2-day virtual conference bringing together engineering and infrastructure leaders.

Serverless Platform Engineering

How does the discipline of platform engineering apply to serverless and companies that embrace the serverless-first mindset?

Source Code Is Not Enough

People will often claim that since X is Free and Open Source Software, every user of X is enabled to hack on it and bend it to their will. I will argue that this is rarely the case after so many hours of doom-scrolling the orange website, the contrarian in me is finally taking over.

Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget

There are many ways to understand how containers work, but most useful explanations are actually simplifications.

-2000 Lines Of Code

In early 1982, the Lisa software team was trying to buckle down for the big push to ship the software within the next six months. Some of the managers decided that it would be a good idea to track the progress of each individual engineer in terms of the amount of code that they wrote from week to week.

Kubernetes API Access Security Hardening (sponsor)

In a Kubernetes cluster, Control Plane controls Nodes, Nodes control Pods, Pods control containers, and containers control applications. But what controls the Control Plane? This article by Teleport focuses on recipes and best practices concerning API access control hardening in the Kubernetes cluster.


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