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Architectures for Massively Multi-User Environments

Interesting article about designing online environments for heaps of users.

Security Guide: How to Protect Your Infrastructure Against the Basic Attacker

Great detailed security guide for UNIX servers on how to protect your server against basic hacks.

PostgreSQL 9.5: UPSERT, Row Level Security, and Big Data

Exciting new features are coming to PostgreSQL 9.5 - a good reason to update your database (or even switch to Postgres).


Dockerizing a Ruby on Rails Application

Nick Janetakis' tutorial on dockerizing rails applications.

101 Ruby Code Factoids

Loads of interesting and (sometimes) useful facts about ruby by Daniel P. Clark.

How To Parallelize Ruby HTTP Requests

Jake Yesbeck advices how to do multiple HTTP request at once with Ruby to speed up whatever you are currently working on.

A gem for your unique constraints

A small gem that adds support for rescuing unique constraint validation exception in your Rails models.

Announcing Scenic - Versioned Database Views for Rails

A new project for versioning database view from Thoughtbot.

Ruby’s “unless X” is processed differently...

A dive into the internals of if and unless statements implementation in ruby and how the same logic differs in the underlying instructions.


WallabyJS is a slick and powerful test runner for JavaScript in your IDE or Editor