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#499 – November 21, 2022

Stop lying to yourself – you will never “fix it later”

Recently I approved a pull request from a colleague, that had the following description: “That’s a hacky way of doing this, but I don’t have time today to come up with a better implementation”.

Directus is a real-time API and App dashboard for managing SQL database content (sponsor)

With over 20 million downloads, Directus is the world's first Open Data Platform for instantly turning any SQL database into an API and beautiful no-code app.

What’s so great about functional programming anyway?

To hear some people talk about functional programming, you'd think they'd joined some kind of cult. They prattle on about how it's changed the way they think about code. They'll extol the benefits of purity, at length. And proclaim that they are now able to “reason about their code”—as if all other code is irrational and incomprehensible.

Sapling: Source control that’s user-friendly and scalable

Meta has open sourced Sapling, a new, Git-compatible source control client that scales to the largest repositories in the world.

35 Misconceptions about date and time - Gérald Barré

In this post, I will share 33 misconceptions about date and time, including the difference between UTC and GMT or the some issues with daylight saving time.

Why do we call it "boilerplate code?"

Now that Twitter is on a downward spiral I’m rewriting my favorite tweetstorms in a more permanent medium, so here’s the first: why do we have the term “boilerplate code”? It comes from the peculiar interplay of two industrial revolution technologies: steam engines and hot metal typesetting.


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