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Improve remember me cookie expiration in Devise

A security fix for a cookie expiration in Devise, don't hesitate to upgrade to this version if you want your users safe between multiple devices.

Coroutines and Fibers. Why and When

An article describing the difference between coroutines and fibers and what is the best use case for them.

The Wrong Abstraction

Sandi Metz on the cost of wrong abstraction and why you should prefer duplication instead.

Ruby on Rails: Doctrine

DHH shares 8 points why is rails a good choice for a web framework (and why it will be in the future).

Trends in Ruby - analyzing rubygems stats for 2015

Interesting statistics and trends about gems, ruby usage and others by Damir Svrtan.

What's new in Ruby 2.3 Enumerable

Ross Kaffenberger takes a closer look at two new methods in Enumerable module in ruby 2.3.

The Beginner's Guide to Crafting Ruby Gems

A pretty nice explanation how to create a simple gem from a start.

BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft

This is just crazy!

How I ended up paying $150 for a single 60GB download from Amazon Glacier

Interesting story of the small print pricing on Amazon Glacier cloud service.

Guide to software developer job ads

So true.

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