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Postgres Query Plan Visualization

A graphical visualiser built on top of EXPLAIN command in Postgresql by Alex Tatiyants.

Is Your Postgres Query Starved for Memory?

Pat Shaughnessy on the notion of proper Postgresql configuration to achieve good results.

Engine based Rails apps

Ben Roesch discusses the pros and cons of Rails engines.

Rails security releases

A bunch of Rails security releases for major versions.

One event to rule them all

Another post from Arkency that dives into domain driven design with events.

Two Factor Authentication in Rails 4 with Devise and Authy

Phil Nash shows how to implement a two factor authentication with Twilio in Rails.

The Basics of Web Application Security

Cade Cairns and Daniel Somerfield start a series on web application security with basic advices about input validation.

Oracle deprecates the Java browser plugin, prepares for its demise

Java plugin is out from web browsers.

Building a chess server in Rails 5 with Action Cable-powered WebSockets

Nice tutorial on Action Cable by Joey Schoblaska where he shows how to build a chess game with Rails 5.

Ruby Marshalling from A to Z

Ilya Bylich deep dives into serialising objects to strings in Ruby.

A brief history of computing in Formula 1

A nice article about the usage of computers in F1 during the history.

Drop this before validation and just use a setter method

Robert Pankowecki shares three different approaches how to avoid before_validation callback to modify data.

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