#501 Cache invalidation really is one of the hardest problems in computer science

Cache invalidation really is one of the hardest problems in computer science

My colleagues recently wrote a great post on the Netflix tech blog about a tough performance issue they wrestled with. They ultimately diagnosed the problem as false sharing, which is a performance problem that involves caching.

Zero to a Hundred Deploys (sponsor)

An average software team deploys between once per week and once per month. But why stop there? What if you can deliver more value to your customer more frequently? Here’s a practical guide to show you how to go from deploying once a day to a hundred times a day. Learn what measurements, development practices, communication and cultural changes are needed to get there.

The architecture of Mastodon

Let's take a look at one of Twitter alternatives: Mastodon. Will it scale?

I/O is no longer the bottleneck

In 2022, disk I/O is very fast, and not usually the performance bottleneck in programs. This article digs into some numbers.

Enabling static analysis of SQL queries at Meta

UPM is our internal standalone library to perform static analysis of SQL code and enhance SQL authoring.

A gentle introduction to Domain Driven Design

Starting into DDD is hard, even though it’s heavily praised by their practitioners. The topic is widely covered in the now infamous “Domain Driven Design” by Eric Evans (Blue Book) and “Implementing Domain Driven Design” by Vaughn Vernon (Red Book).

Bring your own database, and let Directus do the rest (sponsor)

Directus is an open-source platform (with 18k GitHub stars, 20M downloads) that sits on top of your SQL database, and dynamically generates REST and GraphQL APIs, providing you with a secure and intuitive no-code app. The new cloud platform offers a global CDN, end-to-end project provisioning, granular access control, and lots more. Self-hosted or in the Cloud, Directus is perfect for any developer and every project.

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