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Software Development Book Giveaway

You can win 3 books by signing up for a micro services mailing list.

Text Mining South Park

Using data mining for greater good.

htop - an interactive process viewer for Unix

A tool for interactively monitoring processes on UNIX machines is out in the 2.0 version.

SSH: Best practices

A handful of best practices for SSH.

How HTTP/2 is Changing Web Performance Best Practices


Kill Your Dependencies

Mike Perham warns against bloating your ruby application with loads of gems and external dependencies and advices to gem authors to not include too many gems.

How to Remove a Column with Zero Downtime in Ruby on Rails

Jake Yesbeck shares a guide on how to remove a column in Rails without any downtime to your application.

rails_emoji_picker: Add emoji to your app

An important component to integrate within your project.

Automatic differentiation in Ruby

A nice tutorial on how to use derivations in ruby with pretty cool explanatory animations.

Is Ruby 2.3 Faster? Rails ERB Template Rendering Performance

A mini benchmark of ERB rendering with Ruby 2.3.

7 lessons I learned while creating my new SAAS

A few useful real life experience from running a small SAAS application.


Flexbox & the keyboard navigation disconnect

How to sort out the issue of using flexbox with keyboard navigation and screen readers.

Short note on use of alt=”” and the title attribute