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#503 – December 19, 2022

What my life would be without programming

One of my friends lost his job this week. He worked in the chem department of a pharmaceutical company, doing something that went completely over my head while he was explaining it to me.

Bring your own database, and let Directus do the rest (sponsor)

Directus is an open-source platform (with 18k GitHub stars, 20M downloads) that sits on top of your SQL database, and dynamically generates REST and GraphQL APIs, providing you with a secure and intuitive no-code app. The new cloud platform offers a global CDN, end-to-end project provisioning, granular access control, and lots more. Self-hosted or in the Cloud, Directus is perfect for any developer and every project.

The case for Product Engineering

Combining both roles into one—we call it “Product Engineering”—is the best way we’ve found to develop and iterate new ideas, and to quickly get from a “lightbulb” moment to product-market fit.

Protocols As Practice Projects

As a developer, whether you're a hobbyist or in a career, you are (or should be) always looking to improve your skills. But it can be difficult to find a way to do that while fitting into a busy schedule and ensuring that the learning time you put in translates to verifiably better skills, especially if you're concerned about building a resume.

Tips for analyzing logs

I’m going to talk about log analysis in the context of distributed systems debugging (you have a bunch of servers with different log files and you need to work out what happened) since that’s what I’m most familiar with.

Use signNow's eSignature API to implement custom document flows that require legally binding signatures (sponsor)

Enhance user experience on your website or mobile app with signNow’s powerful eSignature API. Easily send documents for signature, request payments, create reusable templates with fillable fields, and track the status of documents in real-time with signNow. Create your sandbox account today and test signNow API for free!

How can devs prevent technical debt from accruing?

Developers spend 1/3 of their time on technical debt. Maintaining legacy systems is what devs claim to hinder their productivity the most. It also hurts the team's morale.

And lastly, one brief on what's in the new version of Git and how Lichess updated their version of Scala.

This is it for 2022. I'll see you in the second week on January 2023.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🏻🎄


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