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#505 – January 16, 2023

Things they didn't teach you about Software Engineering

In university, they teach you how to write a 400-line program that solves a problem from A-Z. You have a blank canvas, and you need to show off your knowledge of some fancy algorithm to find a way to generate a maze. In the end, you have a nice solution to a straightforward problem.

Mobile application security trends to be aware of in 2023 (sponsor)

Tune in on January 24th, at 10am EST/16h CET to find out what mobile app security trends you should be aware of in 2023 and how security professionals and developers can proactively address these trends in the new year.

Is Windows a joke or are you? 🧢

I'm probably not the only one to make jokes about Windows and its vulnerabilities. Indeed, Microsoft sells products to the vast majority of individuals, but organizations as well. A large range of businesses rely on Active Directories and other Microsoft technologies for their daily activities.

Corporate Legibility for Software Engineers

Corporate legibility is the art of making tasks, and their outcomes, easier to understand for those not directly involved. I’ll help you understand why this is an important thing to be aware of and how to use it to help your career.

Erasure Coding versus Tail Latency

There are zero FEC puns in this post, against my better judgement.

Get QA Off Your Plate (sponsor)

No more flakes and no more test maintenance. QA Wolf investigates every failure and sends only human-verified bug reports. Chat with QA Wolf about a risk-free pilot and reaching 80% automated test coverage in 4 months.

The Zen of Proverbs

20 rules of thumb for writing better software.

Logging practices I follow

No matter what kind of software you’re developing, you most definitely leverage logging to some extent, probably every single day.

Production Twitter on One Machine? 100Gbps NICs and NVMe are fast

In this post I’ll attempt the fun stunt of designing a system that could serve the full production load of Twitter with most of the features intact on a single (very powerful) machine.

7 Tips for Building a Good Web API (sponsor)

Creating a good API requires some extra care. Check out in this blog post seven tips that will help you create a good API in ASP.NET Core.

Pictures of a Working Garbage Collector

This post shows a demo of a fast shell in C++, with a working garbage collector.


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