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#506 – January 23, 2023

1500 Archers on a 28.8: Network Programming in Age of Empires and Beyond

In Age of Empires the time to complete each simulation step varies greatly: the rendering time changes if the user is watching units, scrolling, or sitting over unexplored terrain, and large paths or strategic planning by the AI made the game turn fluctuate fairly wildly.

docker run on Steroids 💪 - Code and Debug with Kubernetes (sponsor)

Run local code in any Kubernetes cluster without the build and push cycle. Overlay containers in the cluster making code changes immediately available. is the open source tool that makes this a piece of cake 🎂 for every developer.

History of Web Browser Engines from 1990 until today

The loss of browser diversity since the rise of Chromium has been greatly lamented. Below you can find a graph that shows the historical and present browser engines (not browsers, but the HTML rendering engines), as well as from when to when they were developed. For the bigger engines, the market share is indicated by a coloured shape.

Hello, PNG!

PNG is my favourite file format of all time. Version 1.0 of the specification was released in 1996 (before I was born!) and the format remains widely used to this day.

No Start Menu for You

I tend to launch most programs on my Windows 10 laptop by typing the Win key, then a few letters of the program name, and then hitting enter. On my powerful laptop it is usually fast. Usually. Until, it isn't.

Writing your own operating system

First post in a multi-part series on writing an operating system using components of other systems, such as MINIX. This post describes a small bootloader in detail and steps through debugging it on bare metal.

Meet Swimm: a documentation tool built for developers (sponsor)

Swimm’s patented AI automatically validates and updates docs as part of your developers' CI/CD workflows — fixing simple errors automatically and alerting you about significant changes.

Software and Architectural Design Patterns

A curated list of software and architecture related design patterns.


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