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#507 – January 30, 2023

What we look for in a resume

The resume evaluation process is pretty much a black box for most candidates. And it is so because few hiring managers have publicly discussed this. I thought I should start the conversation.

Don’t build a CSV importer (sponsor)

OneSchema is a ready-made CSV importer for developers which automatically corrects customer data. (Also: edge case handling, simple UI, bulk editing). Engineering teams use OneSchema to save months of development time building a CSV importer. With a large library of prebuilt validations and robust SDKs, OneSchema only takes 30 minutes to get running in your app. See how OneSchema works.

How to debug

As engineers we spend a lot of our time debugging problems, yet it's rarely taught as a skill in its own right. Some bugs are difficult enough that they can seem borderline impossible to solve, especially for devs toward the junior end of the spectrum.

Examples of floating point problems

My goal for this post is just to explain what kind of problems can come up with floating point numbers and why they happen so that you know when to be careful with them, and when they’re not appropriate.

Hardware is fun again

Now computer hardware is happening again! Ever since Apple's M1 premiered, it seems the floodgates to interesting and large improvements have opened up. Not just in Apple land, but with AMD and Intel too.

The Lisa: Apple's Most Influential Failure

Happy 40th Birthday to Lisa! The Apple Lisa computer, that is. In celebration of this milestone, CHM has received permission from Apple to release the source code to the Lisa software, including its system and applications software.

[Free On-Demand Course] Terraforming Kubernetes (sponsor)

In this 1-hour course, you’ll learn how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform. Hosted by best-selling Udemy instructor and author, Justin Mitchel, the course also covers the requirements for Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) to deploy a pre-built public container from DockerHub on our cluster.

LISP at the Jet Propulsion Labs

This is the story of the rise and fall of Lisp at the Jet Propulsion Lab as told from a personal point of view.


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