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#512 – March 06, 2023

A Senior Engineer’s Guide to the System Design Interview

Developed by the best interviewers in the industry, from their experience with thousands of technical interviews.

Retool - The fastest way for developers to build and launch mobile apps (sponsor)

Build and deploy mobile apps to iOS, Android, and as PWAs with no mobile expertise—all you need is JavaScript and SQL. Retool Mobile is the fast way for developers to build business apps for teams on the go, at a warehouse, or in the field. And now teams of up to 5 can build and use unlimited mobile apps for free.

Advice to Aimless, Excited Programmers

I occasionally see messages like this from aimless, excited programmers.

The lone developer problem

If a single programmer builds something, it can be hard for others to maintain later.

How to contribute to a project you have no idea about

How I've contributed to Bun, a huge project that is written in a language I don't understand, and does stuff that I've never worked on. And what work framework I use to work on projects like that.

How DoorDash Designed a Successful Write-Heavy Scalable and Reliable Inventory Platform

Keeping billions of items up to date requires a reliable write-heavy inventory platform. Learn how we built this system with Cockroach DB.

Get SOC 2 compliant in weeks, not months (sponsor)

Secureframe makes it fast and easy to get SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI & GDPR compliant. With guided workflows and one-click integrations, the entire process is automated. Get compliant in weeks—not months—so you can focus on growing your business and revenue. Join thousands of happy Secureframe customers and book a demo today!

Forth: The programming language that writes itself

When I was a wee programmer, I would sit around the virtual Usenet campfires listening to the tall tales and legends of the elders.

Password strength explained

I try to explain how attackers would guess your password, should they get their hands on your encrypted data. There are some thoughts on the strength of real-world passwords and suggestions for your new password.


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