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#514 – March 20, 2023

How Complex Systems Fail

All of the interesting systems (e.g. transportation, healthcare, power generation) are inherently and unavoidably hazardous by the own nature. The frequency of hazard exposure can sometimes be changed but the processes involved in the system are themselves intrinsically and irreducibly hazardous.

Ready to take your Cloud Native applications to the next level? (sponsor)

This free eBook from Sonar outlines the Clean as You Code methodology and how it can ensure your cloud native applications are always fit for production. Whether you’re already invested in cloud native or you’re just getting started, make sure you build your apps with Clean Code - download the eBook and learn how.

Naming conventions in programming

Every programmer faces the problem of finding good names to communicate the author’s intent. See how science answers this question and get actionable insights.

Talking to customers is not a waste of a developer's time

Everyone should talk to customers. Most companies buy the idea. They also believe it's a waste of time with developers. Here's why they're wrong.

What a good debugger can do

When people say “debuggers are useless and using logging and unit-tests is much better,” I suspect many of them think that debuggers can only put breakpoints on certain lines, step-step-step through the code, and check variable values.

The History of Ecommerce: 1979 to 2023

This article goes down the memory lane of ecommerce, uncovering some old-but-gold ecommerce websites, and highlighting the main difference from ecommerce today.


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