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#515 – March 27, 2023

Eight Graphs That Explain Software Engineering Salaries in 2023

Every year, online job search firms collect data about the salaries, skills, and overall job market for tech professionals, generally focusing on software engineers.

Zero to a Hundred Deploys (sponsor)

An average software team deploys between once per week and once per month. But why stop there? What if you can deliver more value to your customer more frequently? Here’s a practical guide to show you how to go from deploying once a day to a hundred times a day. Learn what measurements, development practices, communication and cultural changes are needed to get there.

Why people misuse inheritance

Suppose I did the "right" thing and used composition (in this case, also delegation, and also the decorator pattern, for people who think in GoF design patterns). I would have to implement the map interface, calling down to a map implementation that stores the actual data.

The Wonders of Postgres Logical Decoding Messages

In this article, Gunnar Morling discusses Postgres database's logical decoding function to retrieve messages, process, and relay them to external consumers, with use cases like outbox and audit logs.

Something Pretty Right: A History of Visual Basic

How Visual Basic became the world’s most dominant programming environment, its sudden fall from grace, and why its influence is still shaping the future of software development.

Modern Guide to OAuth 2.0 (sponsor)

Most OAuth guides lack modern, practical examples. So that's why we put together this guide that covers the real-world use cases and it even includes a sample application repo so you can see working code. It’s based on client conversations and our experience building FusionAuth, a ten million+ downloaded OAuth server. Start reading now.

Tracking the Fake GitHub Star Black Market

It's easy for an open-source project to buy fake GitHub stars. We share two approaches for detecting them.


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