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#516 – April 03, 2023

How Programming Affects Your Brain

Programmers may become increasingly irritable when a puzzle takes a long time to solve, and may be hesitant to take on tasks that are too easy and do not offer enough challenge. This could be a way to differentiate between those who are addicted to programming and those who are team players, based on their willingness to perform the necessary but less exciting work that is required to complete a project.

Software Project Checklist

If you are about to start a new software project or wish to improve the maintainability of an already existing one, this checklist might be just the resource you need.

Automating safe, hands-off deployments

Strategies for continuously deploying to production while balancing safety and speed.

Database Sharding Explained

More features, active users, and data are collected daily. Your database is slowing your application. Many people don't understand database sharding, which could solve their difficulties. This article explains database sharding, its benefits, including how to use it and when not to.


I long ago wrote off Docker, Inc. as a positive part of the DevOps ecosystem. But what's very interesting to me is how we got here: The story of Docker, Docker Inc., Docker Hub, and their relation to the broader world of containerization is endlessly fascinating to me.

Coding is the easy part

Behind the scenes of a vendor migration project. What senior+ engineers do so you can focus on the code.


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