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#518 – April 17, 2023

Junior to senior: An action plan for engineering career success

Starting your journey as a software engineer is an exciting time. You’re learning new things and finally seeing your code pushed live. As you progress, you may begin to contemplate the future and consider how you can prepare for a role as a senior software engineer, as well as the essential skills and competencies needed to achieve that goal.

Quit begging for code reviews (sponsor)

Most companies have a predictable process for pull requests, but put lots of the work on the author. PullApprove can walk people through the review process, check requirements (compliance!), and request reviewers at exactly the right time. It will even nudge them for you.

Load Balancing

Past a certain point, web applications outgrow a single server deployment. Companies either want to increase their availability, scalability, or both! To do this, they deploy their application across multiple servers with a load balancer in front to distribute incoming requests. Big companies may need thousands of servers running their web application to handle the load.

Cohesion in simple terms

Modularity is a must for good software design. It helps with extensibility, readability, maintainability, and more. It certainly isn’t easy to make your code modular, but what exactly is modularity, and how do we measure it?

How I Wrote My First Software Design Doc To Win New Project

The story of how a Software Design Doc helped me kick off a new R&D project and allowed me to validate assumptions.

The Most Valuable Programmer

The abbreviation MVP usually stands for Minimal Viable Product, at least if you're working in the field of software engineering. But today I want to talk about a different kind of MVP: The Most Valuable Programmer.

Semaphore: A full-body keyboard using gestures to type through computer vision

A full-body keyboard using gestures to type through computer vision.


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