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#519 – April 24, 2023

Is Critical Thinking the Most Important Skill for Software Engineers?

Critical thinking will only become more important as AI tools spread more. How can you get better at this, and why should you reject jargon and "thought leaders?"

Code to Container to Kubernetes Deployment (sponsor)

This live training series covers how to deploy applications on Kubernetes, including containerization, automating with Terraform and GitHub Actions, managing services and storage, and implementing serverless deployments with Knative.

Modern HTML email (tables no longer required)

Outlook on Windows has very much been the Internet Explorer of email clients. The Outlook desktop app on Windows, along with the Windows Mail app, were the only reason developers had to continue building emails with HTML tables.

Postgres Superpowers in Practice

Let’s say that you’re building Car Fleet Management System. You must manage all data about the company’s cars, drivers, trips, fuel management, etc. In a nutshell, that’s more around accounting and compliance than driving. If your company is a big one in the logistics space, you have a lot of data to manage and process.

The Inner Workings of Distributed Databases

This post examines the various replication strategies used by popular time-series and OLAP databases to implement high-availability.

An example of LLM prompting for programming

Generated knowledge and chain of thought prompting of an LLM can generate useful code.

Demand and ETR Forecasting at Airports

Airports currently hold a significant portion of Uber’s supply and open supply hours (i.e., supply that is not utilized, but open for dispatch) across the globe. At most airports, drivers are obligated to join a “first-in-first-out” queue from which they are dispatched.


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