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#520 – May 01, 2023

Why is OAuth still hard in 2023?

We implemented OAuth for the 50 most popular APIs. TL;DR: It is still a mess.

Build custom internal tools using code within minutes (sponsor)

Airplane is the code-first platform that lets you build powerful workflows and UIs using scripts, APIs, and more. Airplane's newest beta feature, self-hosted storage, extends its self-hosted agent model to store logs and outputs in your team’s infrastructure. Now, you can run tasks in your own VPC and none of your outputs will transit through Airplane’s systems. Get started for free!

CLI tricks every developer should know

Learn some tips, tricks, and tools for mastering the command line from GitHub’s own developers.

Understanding Database Types

The success of a software application often hinges on the choice of the right databases. As developers, we're faced with a vast array of database options.

Postgres Full Text Search is better than …

In which I show how ElasticSearch, Solr or another search specific database is probably unnecessary for a lot of PostgreSQL users.

Keep the monolith, but split the workloads

Everybody loves a monolith, but you can hit issues as you scale. This post is about a technique – splitting your workloads – that can significantly reduce that pain, costs little, and can be applied early.

The weird world of Windows file paths

File system paths on Windows are stranger than you might think. On any Unix-derived system, a path is an admirably simple thing: if it starts with a /, it’s a path. Not so on Windows, which serves up a bewildering variety of schemes for composing a path.


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