#525 The growing pains of database architecture

In 2020, Figma’s infrastructure hit some growing pains

The growing pains of database architecture

In 2020, Figma’s infrastructure hit some growing pains due to a combination of new features, preparing to launch a second product, and more users. We knew that the infrastructure that supported Figma in the early years wouldn’t be able to scale to meet our demands.

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Data alignment: Straighten up and fly right

Data alignment is an important issue for all programmers who directly use memory. Data alignment affects how well your software performs, and even if your software runs at all. As this article illustrates, understanding the nature of alignment can also explain some of the "weird" behaviors of some processors.

Email addresses are not primary user identities

A lot of applications treat your email address as something immutable that is linked to you and which will never change. It can't be linked to someone else, and it can't change. This is, of course, not true. Email addresses do change.

Slack Architecture

At a high level, Slack is organized into workspaces, where a user can interact with oneself. Each workspace can contain multiple Slack channels and every Slack channel could accommodate multiple users. A user is allowed to join multiple workspaces. The user can send chat messages inside the Slack channels. A Slack channel is a group of users interested in a specific topic. The users are also allowed to share media files and search for particular content.

Git Merge – The Definitive Guide

By reading this post, you are going to really understand git merge, one of the most common operations you'll perform in your Git repositories.

The Silent (R)evolution of SAT

Today's powerful, robust SAT solvers have become primary tools for solving hard computational problems.


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