#526 Self-healing code is the future of software development

Improvement of code at an entirely new level.

Self-healing code is the future of software development

Developers love automating solutions to their problems, and with the rise of generative AI, this concept is likely to be applied to both the creation, maintenance, and the improvement of code at an entirely new level.

OpenAI + Nylas chat on generative AI: Watch now! (sponsor)

Want an inside look at the future of generative AI? Evan Morikawa, Applied Engineering Manager at OpenAI, and Christine Spang, CTO and Co-Founder at Nylas, dive into what’s next for generative AI. They’ll discuss how software engineers are using AI solutions today, what AI's next stage of maturity looks like, and much more. Watch the replay on your time.

DORA Metrics: We’ve Been Using Them Wrong

How the top 10% of engineering teams think about metrics.

Twenty years of Escaping the Java Sandbox

The Java platform is broadly deployed on billions of devices, from servers and desktop workstations to consumer electronics. It was originally designed to implement an elaborate security model, the Java sandbox, that allows for the secure execution of code retrieved from potentially untrusted remote machines without putting the host machine at risk.

Flattening ASTs and Other Compiler Data Structures

This is an introduction to data structure flattening, a special case of arena allocation that is a good fit for programming language implementations.We build a simple interpreter twice, the normal way and the flat way, and show that some fairly mechanical code changes can give you a 2.4× speedup.

Why it is time to start thinking of games as databases

In this new blog post I’ll dive deeper into one of those benefits, and the futuristic capabilities it could unlock.

Why I prefer trunk-based development

Trisha summarizes the advantages of trunk-based development (as opposed to branch-based development) in this blog post.

Supercharge Your Productivity: Register for an Exclusive Talk with Adam Fortuna, Founder of Hardcover (sponsor)

Boost your productivity as a developer! Join Adam Fortuna, Founder of Hardcover, in an exclusive talk on Rails, Next.js, and Hasura architecture. Discover how they saved countless hours and unlocked the power of a public API. Register now!

Six ways to shoot yourself in the foot with healthchecks

One reason I like working at startups is you get to wear many hats. Of course, by "wear many hats" I really mean "suffer occasional periods of extreme stress when things fail and there are no grownups you can go to for help". I like to think of it as Extreme Learning.


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