#530 Codebase complexity

Developers sharing their horrifying stories in dealing with codebase complexity

Codebase complexity

In this blog series, we ask prominent developers to share their horrifying stories and experiences in dealing with codebase complexity.

Free Manning Early Access: Road to Kubernetes eBook (sponsor)

Start by building sample applications in Python and Node.js and then explore methods for deploying them with virtual machines, containers, and, finally, Kubernetes! Each chapter builds on what has gone before as you learn to utilize tools like GitHub Actions and CI/CD practices to make portable apps that can quickly move between deployment setups. As you journey through the different deployment methods, you’ll discover best practices that you can apply with any language or stack.

Joins 13 Ways

In this post I’ve aggregated a bunch of different definitions, ways of thinking about them, and ways of implementing them that will hopefully be interesting.

Meta developer tools: Working at scale

Developers at Meta use a number of tools in their workflows, many of which are open source so you can try them yourself.

Dependency Composition

A minimalist, function-first approach to module composition and dependency management.

Recognizing patterns in memory

Something I find frustrating is how hard it is to teach debugging skills. I think the biggest reason is because there are many things that can only be learned through experience.

Vectors are the new JSON in PostgreSQL

What does this have to do with PostgreSQL? Everything! Efficient storage and retrieval of a data type used in a common pattern greatly simplifies app development, lets people to keep their related data in the same place, and can work with existing tooling.


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