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#532 – July 21, 2023

What I Learned about Payment Systems While Working at a Pizza Place

Placing an order and capturing a payment are really different actions. I also learned a lot in a few days.

Feature flags, without the tech debt (sponsor)

DevCycle’s feature flag management platform makes it easy to create, rollout, and clean up feature flags without disrupting your workflow. DevCycle integrates seamlessly with popular development tools like GitHub, JIRA and VSCode, and supports all major SDKs so that you can ship faster alongside the tools you already love. Free for up to 1000 Client-Side MAUs. Get started today.

Distributed systems for fun and profit

This text is focused on distributed programming and systems concepts you'll need to understand commercial systems in the data center. You'll learn many key protocols and algorithms, including some new exciting ways to look at eventual consistency such as CRDTs and the CALM theorem.

Names should be as short as possible while still being clear

Short, meaningful names that take context into account are better than long, verbose names that don't.

Accidentally Load Bearing

Sometimes people will talk about Chesterton's Fence, the idea that if you want to change something—removing an apparently useless fence—you should first determine why it was set up that way.

Clean as you go

A story about a habit I picked up working in restaurants, and how the lesson I learned still helps me write better software to this day.

Working with product

A strong partnership with product is key to an enjoyable engineering life.

PostgreSQL: No More VACUUM, No More Bloat

PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source object-relational database system, has been lauded for its robustness, functionality, and flexibility. However, it is not without its challenges – one of which is the notorious VACUUM process. However, the dawn of a new era is upon us with OrioleDB, a novel engine designed for PostgreSQL that promises to eliminate the need for the resource-consuming VACUUM.

5 Best Practices for Code Reviews

We have collected 5 best practices to make your code reviews truly effective.


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