#534 How branches influence the performance of your code

And what can you do about it.

How branches influence the performance of your code and what can you do about it

In this articles we investigate on how branches influence the performance of the code and what can we do to improve the speed of our branchfull code.

Should developers tackle the ever-escalating risk of fraud? Join the webinar! (sponsor)

The battle against bot attacks and fraudsters is intensifying -time to gain an advantage. In this webinar, Fingerprint CEO Dan Pinto uncovers the secrets of device identification and outlines the irreplaceable role that engineers play in solving fraud. Find out how developers can thwart fraudsters by building a ‘web’ of user behavior using high-accuracy device IDs.

Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow

Semantic search allows users to search using natural language instead of a rigid syntax of keyword manipulation.

The Importance of Being a Code Reviewer

Reviewing others’ code consistently can improve your skills and leverage your career. You can help others grow, as well as give value to the company you work with.

Challenging algorithms and data structures every programmer should try

Bored of algorithms? Here are my recommendations that are exciting, understandable, and sometimes even useful.

Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3

Three distinct perspectives on scale that come along with building and operating a storage system the size of S3.

Consistency Patterns

A distributed system provides benefits such as scalability and fault tolerance. However, maintaining consistency across the distributed system is non-trivial. Consistency is vital to achieving reliability, deterministic system state, and improved user experience.

Invariants: A Better Debugger?

I don't tend to use debuggers. I'm not against them. I've seen folks do amazing things with gdb, and envy their skills. I just don't tend to reach for a debugger very often.

A case against syntax highlighting

Do you rely on syntax highlighting when developing software? If so, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. In this post, I will argue that syntax highlighting, while aesthetically seductive, moves focus from content to form, and discourages those who look at the code from trying to understand it.


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