#535 Moving faster

Some people are producing projects that are far beyond what I could do in a single lifetime

Moving faster

Over time I started to notice that some people are producing projects that are far beyond what I could do in a single lifetime. I wanted to figure out how to do that, which meant giving up my existing beliefs and trying to discover what actually works.

Incogni - The best solution to remove your personal information from the internet in 2023 (sponsor)

Safeguard yourself against scams, online harassment, robocalls, spam emails, and identity theft by proactively securing your personal information. Take control of your privacy and utilize Incogni to optimize your online security and minimize the exposure of your personal information to data brokers. Gain the power to combat a range of risks that pose a threat to your privacy. Risk free.

When Did Postgres Become Cool?

Craig takes a look at the history of Postgres. From the origins of the project through some of the key production features that make Postgres what it is today.

Scaling the Instagram Explore recommendations system

AI plays an important role in what people see on Meta’s platforms. Every day, hundreds of millions of people visit Explore on Instagram to discover something new, making it one of the largest recommendation surfaces on Instagram.

Putting the "You" in CPU

I've done a lot of things with computers, but I've always had a gap in my knowledge: what exactly happens when you run a program on your computer?

A few weird ways of displaying git hashes

There are other ways to encode binary data for human consumption, but the two most widely used encodings are hexademical and base64. The larger the base, the less space it takes to display a binary string, but at some point, we run out of human-readable characters.

Migrating Netflix to GraphQL Safely

In 2022, a major change was made to Netflix’s iOS and Android applications. We migrated Netflix’s mobile apps to GraphQL with zero downtime, which involved a total overhaul from the client to the API layer.

Throw away your first draft of your code

The next time you start on a major project, I want you to write code for a couple of days and then delete it all. Just throw it away.


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