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The dark side of the Rack and Websockets dreams

We can argue a lot about who it is that allowed themselves to succumb to the dark side. Some argue that Rails are derailing us all and others that socket.io, Faye and node.js are eating away at out sanity, design, performance and feet. However, one thing is clear – real time web applications in Ruby are hurting.

Google's QUIC protocol: moving the web from TCP to UDP

The QUIC protocol (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is an entirely new protocol for the web developed on top of UDP instead of TCP.

RSpec::Core Cheat Sheet

RSpec is a mature, feature-packed testing framework, but the documentation can be difficult to navigate.

Ruby Metaprogramming in The Wild

You may have read about Ruby metaprogramming before & maybe you have used it in some of your projects, but how are some of the most popular open-source projects making use of this feature?

Understand Variable References and Mutability of Ruby Objects

This is the first in a series of three articles that discuss how Ruby manipulates variables and objects, and, in particular, how objects are passed around in a Ruby program. You can find many such discussions in articles that attempt to answer the question “Is Ruby pass by reference or pass by value?” Our goal in this series isn’t necessarily to answer this question — though we will provide an answer, of sorts — but to put that question in the context of how Ruby actually works.

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