#542 Writing a Debugger From Scratch

Create a debugger and understand how they work under the hood

Writing a Debugger From Scratch

Tim has left the Microsoft Debugger Platform team twice and both times started building his own debugger. This article aims to create a debugger that helps people understand how they work.

Kubecon Day Zero Training:  Better Secrets Management with Kubernetes (sponsor)

Learn how to deploy a self-hosted HashiCorp Vault for efficient Kubernetes secret management. Instructed by author of “Road to Kubernetes”, Justin Mitchel, this half-day workshop includes a buffet lunch by Portillo’s, $250 in cloud computing credit, and a RocketBook Pro. Register today to secure your spot.

How do databases execute expressions?

Most surveyed databases use a tree-walking interpreter. A few use stack- or register-based virtual machines. A couple have just-in-time compilers. And, tangentially, a few do vectorized interpretation.

The Workflow Pattern

The workflow is an automation of a process (or part of), which we can not accomplish in a single transaction for one reason or another. Those reasons may be either technical or functional, or both.

Choose Postgres queue technology

This post encourages others to risk excommunication from the cult of scale the next time they’re choosing queue technology. There are so many important principles that are not “scale” to consider when choosing technologies. Make boring technology your default choice, and choose Postgres if it bores you.

Building event-driven architecture for member system

DeliveryHero orders grew rapidly, with the growth charted out as a J curve, and the traffic naturally grew as the number of orders increased. The exploding traffic was too much to handle with a database on a single system, so they had to endure a long period of time where it was riddled with errors.


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