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Less stress, more productivity: why working fewer hours is better for you and your employer

There's always too much work to be done on software projects, too many features to implement, too many bugs to fix. Some days you're just not going through the backlog fast enough, you're not producing enough code, and it's taking too long to fix a seemingly-impossible bug.

Bayesian Methods for Hackers

The Bayesian method is the natural approach to inference, yet it is hidden from readers behind chapters of slow, mathematical analysis. The typical text on Bayesian inference involves two to three chapters on probability theory, then enters what Bayesian inference is.

Learning from Ada

This is a cautionary tale. One of youth and a lesson I eventually learned but still often don't heed. About how sometimes, the tool that is easiest to get started with isn’t the tool that will make your job the easiest.

Satellite imagery combined with machine learning can predict poverty

The best way to predict poverty is by combining satellite images with machine learning.

The target="_blank" vulnerability by example

If you use the target="_blank" attribute on a link, and do not accompany it with a rel="noopener" attribute, you are leaving your users open to a very simple phishing attack.

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