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Painless Git

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

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10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

Few things are guaranteed to increase all the time: Distance between stars, Entropy in the visible universe, and business requirements. Many articles say Dont over-engineer but don’t say why or how. Here are 10 clear examples.

Microsoft researchers reach human parity in conversational speech recognition

Microsoft has made a major breakthrough in speech recognition, creating a technology that recognizes the words in a conversation as well as a person does. Read more at http://blogs.microsoft.com/next/2016/10/18/historic-achievement-microsoft-researchers-reach-human-parity-conversational-speech-recognition/#OzaSKDlMs2DlTSMo.99

How breakpoints are set

I am fascinated by the debuggers. I love them so much that I wrote a small and very basic debugger as one of my projects recently. In this post I am going to write down what I’ve learned about how can a debugger set a breakpoint.. This post can be divided into these following sections.

No Man’s Sky – Procedural Content

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game which uses procedural generation technology in order to create game environment and assets (textures, models, terrains etc). I was very excited since this game was announced back in 2013, not only for the game itself, but mostly for a chance to start researching the game files and find out how the game works. The game turned out as one of the most controversial games ever released, but still its inner workings are very interesting.

Windows and Ubuntu Interoperability

This post will cover the design and implementation of the top requested feature for the Windows Subsystem for Linux – interoperability with Win32 applications. Since the earliest days that our feature was available to Windows Insiders, our users have been crucial in pointing out issues and suggesting key scenarios that they wish to leverage using WSL.

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