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Painless Git

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Eve: Programming designed for humans

Eve is a programming language and IDE based on years of research into building a human-first programming platform. From code embedded in documents to a language without order, it presents an alternative take on what programming could be - one that focuses on us instead of the machine.

Learn Me a Haskell

Let’s see how an OOP developer handles an initial exposure to functional programming with Haskell.

UTF-8 Everywhere

Our goal is to promote usage and support of the UTF-8 encoding and to convince that it should be the default choice of encoding for storing text strings in memory or on disk, for communication and all other uses.

A Quantum Leap for the Web

Over the past year, our top priority for Firefox was the Electrolysis project to deliver a multi-process browsing experience to users. Running Firefox in multiple processes greatly improves security and performance. This is the largest change we’ve ever made to Firefox, and we’ll be rolling out the first stage of Electrolysis to 100% of Firefox desktop users over the next few months.

Why I became a software engineer

I hear of stories of many software engineers who always knew they were going to work with computers because they started tinkering with them when they were kids. Or they had a computer club in school. Or their parents bought a computer when they were and they thought coding was fun. All these are very common for software engineers in the US & Europe but for many of us in Africa? We didn’t see a computer until we were halfway through high school. And when my dad finally bought a PC and set it up at home, it wasn’t a “tinkering machine”. This was for work! 😂

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